This machine looks like it was abandoned on Princess Avenue here in Kingston. Locked and abandoned.

I suppose everything has a story. This particular bike was sold by Costco. The Tonino Lamborghini Essenza road bike.

There is a certain spirit about Tonino Lamborghini products that make them unique ”“ the skill to innovate and yet remain true to a tradition charged with the lasting heritage of Italian style in the world. This historical excellence has produced the line of Tonino Lamborghini sports bicycles and city bikes. Unique models manufactured with selected technical materials to ensure cutting-edge sports technology and unrivalled performance style. The Tonino Lamborghini road bike is for the bike enthusiast who wants to take the next step towards serious riding. The Essenza has all the right materials and components to provide the rider with the feel for smooth, controlled road biking.

Komda speaks glowingly about their bicycles which also includes the Tonino Lamborghini Essenza road bike:

To all of us in Komda, bicycle is a way of life, a philosophy, a commitment, a joy for ourselves and to share with everyone around.

The joy is beyond words. A perfect unity of physical and mental fitness, derived from either a long ride or short sprint, trudging along rocky mountain paths, winding through green fields or gliding down heavy traffic in a metropolitan city.

As regular riders we understand such a joy can only be achieved by the bike’s total functionality , perfect as an extension of limbs; and its exquisite appearance, befitting the rider like the tuxedo he puts on to attend a formal banquet.

For this we have endeavored since the first day of Komda, more than 20 years ago, in our long service to our customers from nearly all corners of the earth. We have worked, with great honor, with some of the most prestigious brands in the market. With open minds we embrace ideas from our customers and add to them our long accumulated experiences and deep understanding of the product.  We take care of full details.

We feel blessed to link ourselves with such a product from which we take great joy, either from making or riding it. This feeling makes us outstanding from our peers. With pride we are watching the industry evolving with increasing vitality and a promise for a greener world, a healthier life. We are evolving with it too, actively, in every aspect.

Join us. Ride to enjoy!

Why then would anyone choose to leave such heritage behind? Locked and yet abandoned.

And then it dawned on me. Something about the design of that front wheel. To me, and I am not meaning to be at all critical, but the design of the front wheel did not seem to befit a rider like the tuxedo he puts on to attend a formal banquet.


Not at all.

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  1. Mike P.
    Mike P. says:

    Too bad””the city will probably eventually just cut it off to dispose of it. An enterprising fellow could do so first, and probably get a few more years of service out of it, for basically nothing. (Or whatever the cost is of another junker off Kijiji to provide the donor wheel…)

  2. 2 wheel fanatic
    2 wheel fanatic says:

    I see this ‘condition’ quite often. How is it ‘inflicted’ ? Are there trolls out there take pleasure in stomping the front tires of locked up bicycles as some sort of crude entertainment ? This bike is worthy of salvation, even if through a good set of bolt cutters to remove the lock. What a waste, what a shame.


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