Lakeshore Wheelers

The Lakeshore Wheelers Bicycle Racing and Touring Club was founded in Dorval back in 1969. I joined the Wheelers in 1970 and I also joined the Canadian Cycling Association the same year.

Barry Harvey, a Canadian Cycling Champion back in those days, was one of our members. John Kent was the club secretary.

I came across an old clipping about the club when it first started in 1970:

Commencing in the spring as soon as road conditions allow, the club will invite local youngsters to take part in its Sunday morning club runs, usually scheduled on some of the quieter roads close to the West Island area. Then in late May, the club will promote a series of Wednesday night races.

The intention is to organize these in two parts. The first will be for local schoolboys interested in trying out cycling competition under properly organized conditions and supervision. The second will be for senior, experienced racers from all over the province, who will demonstrate their skills and abilities in high-speed races over marked-out circuits in the shopping centres after the novices have had their turn.

My love for cycling began when I was a local schoolboy — thirteen years of age. I was introduced to racing at a young age and I learned how to ride a bike from experienced club members. Wonderful that someone had the vision for organizing a club focused on developing youth.

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