It hurts.

Almost in a physical way.

There is regret.

There is guilt.

There is sadness.

At sixteen years of age, I learned an important lesson when my father died: we are all on a journey, a journey of life that ends in death.

Shortly after my father died, I embraced Christianity. It was inconceivable to me then, as it is today, that the sum purpose of existence was to extend a gene pool that originated with a random confluence of chemicals billions of years ago. Faith matters. The soul matters. The material and the immaterial are intertwined into the very core of our being.

My mother is now gone. I learned about her death yesterday through my sister.

It hurts.

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  1. Marg Vermeersch
    Marg Vermeersch says:

    Richard – I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. You are so right as you describe the feelings that you are experiencing. I remember when Don died, I felt much the same way and for a while I was really angry with God until I came to realize like you that faith and soul matter.

    take care my friend – my thoughts and prayers are with you.



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