Custom Dual Buffer

A new pedal day. Hand built in Canada by the folks at Road Rage Pro-Gear.

I have four pedals from Jeff: an 8-channel custom true bypass effects loop, a single channel bypass effects loop, a three-way tap tempo and now the custom dual buffer.

The 8-channel bypass effects loop is for my large pedalboard, the single channel is for my small pedalboard and the custom dual buffer will be used on my mid-sized pedalboard. I am currently in the process of building out an in-between pedalboard. One that will not weigh a ton when I carry it out to gigs yet still offer a wide enough range of tonal options. The small pedalboard gives me delay and overdrive. The mid-sized board will offer more modulation options which will be helpful for my style of play.

The custom dual buffer pedal will provide a buffered input to the first pedal in my signal chain and then another buffer from the last pedal in my signal chain.

Jeff explains the importance of buffers this way:

A lot of our clients ask about buffers and their importance in a True Bypass set up, the short answer is, they are very important. A buffer basically converts your high impedance guitar signal (which is prone to line loss at a very fast rate) to a low impedance signal (little to no line loss). A buffer converts your guitar signal so you do not lose your tone along the away, in fact you will notice your highs are more articulate and your overall tone is tighter!

Once you use one you’ll never be without it!!

The optimal placement for a buffer is usually near the first of your pedal chain, it’s also great to place one at the end of your pedal chain as well, especially if you have a lot of true bypass effects pedals. As with all buffers it is best to place them after any fuzz pedals.

The pedals are really top notch. The quality is evident from the enclosures through to the switches and the wiring. Jeff is a great guy to work with and he is very prompt and thorough. Highly recommended if you are in the market for buffers, boosters and signal routers.

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