Xplornet After Midnight

For context, you will need to scan through yesterday’s post. In a nutshell: I was being dinged for hundreds of Megabytes of data download between midnight and 4am. My network was completely shut down and I called Xplornet to find out why there was traffic on my account and why I was being billed for data downloads I was not using.

After going through several layers of agents, I was told to wait until midnight and then call their support line so that they could trace the activity.

I went to bed instead.

I woke up this morning and waited for my network to come up. I then took a look at the usage overnight.

Well, well, well. All zeros. No traffic going out. No traffic coming in.

Which makes perfect sense as the network was shut down.

However, the concerning part of this little adventure is that Xplornet was counting hundreds of Megabytes of usage each day against my account. Roughly half a Gigabyte by my reckoning. Half of my monthly cap. On downloads I was not using.


I wonder how many other subscribers are getting incorrectly dinged for data usage?

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  1. John Capobianco
    John Capobianco says:

    Richard – Did you notice the “Recovery Mode Active” is now set to “No”?

    Maybe inquire as to what exactly RMA is and what the impact is now that it is disabled (aside from 500Mb per night of course).

    You also could put wireshark on the interface, capture the traffic, and know exactly what they are using your pipes for!

  2. Barrie
    Barrie says:

    Xplornet after midnight how about NO Xplornet at any time!!!

    We are being billed for a service that is not functioning at all and can’t get it fixed!!!!!

    Our summer hideaway depends on Xplornet for our internet access. I took advantage of their offer to turn the service off during the winter months and was told a simple phone call a few days in advance would see it back on and running when I arrived on the 24th of May weekend to open up.

    During the winter we made arrangements to upgrade to their new 4G network on turning the system back on.

    When I called in early may to turn it on they said it was already on. They supposedly had turned it on (and started billing my credit card even thought they had a large credit on the account in place) in April so the installer could make the upgrade. The installer never visited the site but did tell me in a phone conversation it would not work in our location due to the trees.

    Assuming (I was told it was on) all was well with the existing service I arrived on the long weekend to find no service. On calling Xplornet I was informed it was on but they had not notified whoever it is they buy the satellite time from, so in effect it was not on, but they would get it turned on for me by the following weekend.

    The next time I was there it appeared to be on but I had no connectivity. another call to service and I found out there was an issue on my end and they would submit a work order o one of their installers.
    After several phone calls they did manage to give us a credit for some of the time and to straighten out the previous credits that had some how disappeared from their system over the winter. All I can say is It was a good thing we still had our documentation about the credits or we would have been out to lunch

    That was two weeks ago and he has yet to visit the site so I called again and asked them to find a closer service rep (there are two 15 minutes from us but they issued the work order to one who is miles away). They said I would have to call the two close at hand to see if one of them could handle the service call this week (to ensure I had service for the weekend) but they would have to issue a work order for the work to be done.

    This struck me as being lousy customer service but I made the calls found one that would be able to do it Thursday morning and called Xplornet back so they could issue the work order. I was informed that it would take time to issue the work order and they could not guarantee it would be out by Thursday (3 days away) but if they do not get the work order out in time my window will disappear and I will be without service for yet another weekend.
    Every time I have called recently there has been a long message about service interruptions or issues and there is a long wait time to speak to a service rep. They seem to be so busy signing up and installing new customers they are unable to service existing ones.

  3. Andy
    Andy says:

    I have been getting up early lately and decided to check the web. At 5:30 AM, could not connect to any sites, even the busy 24Hr commercial networks. Google is always accessible for some reason. This happened two weeks ago as well. It looks like EXPLOrenet isn’t working in early mornings.

    Any way to do a real technical analysis of xplorenet outside of
    what is available in Control panel’s Network connections? It says it’s running, but I get the feeling something else is up.


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