Soldered versus Solderless Patch Cables

From the Evidence Audio website:

With regard to patch cables several things work in favor of solder-less plugs. However, sound quality and reliability are neither of them.

I have used solder-less patch cables for many years. George Ls and then Lava Cables. I have wired up at least a dozen configurations over the past 15 years. And each time I would experience some issues with reliability.

My latest configuration used solder-less cables from Lava Cable. I do not know why but I could not get the hang of making these cables. I would follow the directions to the letter. I would perform continuity testing only to find that there was a short. I would redo the connections and ultimately get past the continuity check only to find the cables continuing to short on the pedalboard.

I ordered a soldered kit a few months ago. I know how to solder. I have wired several recording studios over the years and I have spent hundreds of hours making audio cables. Soldering the latest iteration of the pedalboard took an afternoon.

It may well be my mind playing tricks on me but the board sounds better to my ear and I have not had any issues with cable shorts.

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    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      I really wanted the solder-less cables to work largely because I swap pedals and pedalboards on a fairly regular basis. It is much easier to re-wire with solder-less connectors. Reliability does matter especially when the recent set of Lava solder-less cables repeatedly shorted on me.


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