A Big Lawn

We moved out to the country almost four years ago. Our lot is approximately 7 acres and I would say almost two acres of the lot requires lawn care. Lots of lawn care. The entrance area and the sides of the 900 foot long drive. The berm area for the septic tank. The front and back lawns of the house. The area around the main drive leading up to the garage.

Trimming and cutting can take a full day with a self-propelled 21-inch mower. Anywhere up to 8 hours.

This year we decided that we really did need to get a garden tractor for the property. We made our purchase last night from Canadian Small Engines located close to us in the beautiful rural area of Elginburg. With a 46-inch deck, the tractor will significantly reduce the amount of time spent mowing the property. We will also get a few accessories for the machine so that we can use it for other activities such as hauling gravel for road repair and spreading earth for landscaping.

Yup. I am starting to become a country boy. My very own tractor.

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