New Addition to the Family

In just a few more weeks we will have a new addition to the Cleaver family: a golden retriever.

The puppy, female and as yet unnamed, was born as part of a litter of six girls and two boys on April 24th. The breeders, Pat and Tom of Acaciagold Kennels, are hard at work preparing our new puppy for her arrival to our home.

This will be our third pet. The first was a cocker spaniel named Frodo. He was given to us as a wedding gift way back in 1979. Alas, we were not able to keep Frodo and he made his way to Lorraine’s parents. The second was a siamese cat named Simon. I still miss Simon. He was an amazing pet.

I’m certain that we will have many exciting moments — and a few challenges — as we adjust to a new life in our household.

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