Broken Line

Or why I have no luck with solderless cables.

I used to wire my pedalboards with George L cables. From time to time, the cables would short out. Often when I was in the middle of a set. With the larger rig, I have a Road Rage true bypass effects loop which allows me to take any or all of the pedals out of the signal flow. As long as the cables going in and out of the loop are fine then the set can continue. And I can fix the broken line once I get back home.

With my new small pedalboard, I do not have a true bypass effects loop. If a line goes south then the whole board is down.

I decided to use a solderless Lava Cable kit to interconnect the small pedalboard —  six pedals in total. The Lava Cables sound better to my ear than the George L cables. The George L cables can be a bit too bright. In the past month, I have experienced several shorts in the cables. Twice during a set.

Enough is enough. I ordered a solder DIY kit from Lava Cable and I will pull out the iron to hardwire the interconnects.

Life is too short for broken lines.

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