I Left My Heart

In San Francisco. I love the city. I did not spend any time there. I was in meetings for the day and evening. I did have a bit of time the following day to do a bit of shooting.

This was one of those trips that can really mess with your system. 7 hour red-eye flights in cramped seats. I have been over a year and a half without back pain until I took the flight out from New York city. I guess it was a mistake to try and get some sleep on the flight. Not that I really slept but my posture obviously had an impact on my back. The day after the meeting, I could barely move without pain. The pain prevented me from getting any sleep. I think I may have slept 5 or 6 hours over the past three days.

Oh well.

I was able to get out to Point Reyes National Seashore. I left the hotel very early — I wasn’t sleeping anyway — and caught the sunrise just off the Golden Gate bridge. I then went out to Kehoe Beach and McClure’s Beach. Awesome photography opportunities even outside the hours of the early morning sun.

I used the Fuji X100 and it did an amazing job capturing these images. Really quite impressed with this little camera.

This was the view outside the hotel window. The buildings in the skyline belong to Oracle. All five of them. I guess the circular towers are supposed to represent hard disk drives.

Kehoe’s Beach was completely deserted. Literally. I was the only person on a beach that went on for miles and miles.

McClure’s Beach is a favourite spot. I have not shot this beach in the morning before. But it was just as captivating in the bright morning sunshine.

Even the rocks look cool down in southern California.

It will probably take a few days to recover from the trip and I guess I will find out how much damage I have done to the back once I see my trainer tomorrow evening. Between now and then I will be stretching. And watching my posture.

I do another one of these types of trips in a couple of weeks out to the United Kingdom. I hope the back holds up for that one. This kind of travel is definitely not fun. Getting out to shoot for a few hours makes a big difference. I had a wonderful time limping around the beaches of Point Reyes even with a sore back. It is a beautiful spot.

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