Nous Partons

We make our way back home this morning. We enjoyed a wonderful break in Quebec — both in Montreal and Quebec City. Yesterday we did the long walk around the old city. The weather had warmed up to a relatively mild -10C. Warm enough that we could walk for several hours. Here are a few shots from the day.

We followed a walkway that led us up to the Citadel. Wonderful views of the St. Lawrence.

The Citadel itself is quite the encampment. I like this shot because it captures the sense of cold and isolation within a large and vibrant city.

We made our way over to the National Assembly. Lorraine and Matthew pose at the gates to the old city.

And here is a shot of the National Assembly.

The weather was warm enough to encourage passengers to try the carriages — although still too cold “pour moi”.

And a few shots from the old city.

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