To shoot outside and at night provided some interesting challenges. After a few outings, I thought about just shooting indoor shots — like the one above taken in the hotel lobby.

Obviously the first challenge in shooting outdoors in the freezing cold was how to dress.

In Kingston, we do not get the minus 30 Celsius wind chills. At least not very often. In this area, the cold is quite brutal. And I have hiked in the far north in very cold conditions.

I had a merino sweater. A Merrell outerwear jacket specially designed for hiking in cold environments. Insulated gloves and headwear. In short, every possible technology to endure the harsh winter climate. Even with all of that I could only stay outside for about an hour or so before things started to get difficult — primarily the fingers. Here is what yours truly looked like before heading outside.

And here are a few shots from the evening. First up is the hotel itself. The Chateau Frontenac.

Some street shots in the old city.

Lots of interesting architectural details in the historic buildings.

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