The Main Event

Celebrate Christmas 2011 will be taking place this coming Saturday evening at 7pm. This is the third year that I have produced a multimedia Christmas concert. It takes an incredible amount of work to pull everything together.

In reviewing the final production run, I am really pleased with the overall creative work — the multimedia and video elements look terrific and the arrangements of Christmas songs are unique yet familiar.

Turns out we will have a video crew out for the event. Should provide a better visual than the stationary HD camera I used last year.

The physical work starts this evening. Q Design will be coming out to the site to install the piping and fabric. Tomorrow we will be spending the time loading in all of the lighting, sound and visual equipment. Saturday morning we will finish up any technical activities — likely finishing up the programming for the intelligent lighting and tuning up the sound system — and go through our dress rehearsals in the afternoon.

And, after hundreds of hours of work, we will run a 2-hour event.

I am so looking forward to this week-end.

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