The Plot

Lots of little details surround the planning of a concert. I am in the middle of working through all of them. There are enough of these little tasks that I should actually create a formal project plan. Instead, I go through a process of asking myself: what is the next thing that needs to be done? And then I do the next thing which in this case was creating the stage plot and the input list for the event.

The stage plot helps the setup process. It identifies where each member of the team will stand and that helps the sound and lighting — for example, routing inputs and monitors. The input list — which is not shown in the above chart — identifies what order the inputs will follow on the sound board.

This week-end will be one of practice and rehearsal. One rehearsal Saturday morning, one rehearsal Sunday morning, one performance Sunday morning and another rehearsal Sunday afternoon. And where I am not rehearsing and playing, I will be practicing.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Hey, Richard, I notice one omission…

    There’s no circle with a V in it in front of your position on the stage….


    No harmonies?

    Hope all goes well for you – I am sure it will with the extraordinary amount of planning you put into these events.



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