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I had contacted my friends at Lauzon Music late in the summer to arrange for service on the Les Paul. The guitar needed to be worked on as I was planning to swap out the bridge and tuners as well as move up to a wider string guage, namely 011s.

It took some time for the TonePros to come in. These parts were not available in Canada, at least not where I live, and I sourced them from the United States. After they arrived, I installed the parts myself and then planned to make the trip up to Ottawa.

That happened on Saturday.

After the two-hour drive into the city, I walked in the shop with my guitar in its flight case.

“We’re all full and we are not taking in any more service items.”

“Really?” I replied. “I came all the way from Kingston to get this guitar serviced.”

“What a minute, are you Richard?”

“Yes I am.”

“A 70’s Les Paul Standard?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“No problem, we’ll take that guitar in and get it serviced for you.”

Thanks heavens my name is Richard and that I brought in a 70’s era Les Paul or it would have been a bit of a wasted trip to the guitar shop.

I spoke with the luthier later that day and he was really impressed with the condition of the guitar. Pristine was the word he used to describe the instrument.

He is going to get the instrument setup to my preferences and clean up the electronics. I won’t see the instrument for about four weeks but hopefully it will be back before the Christmas concert in December. I’d like to have it on stage for that evening.

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