Gibson Les Paul

I ordered parts to bring my 1976 Gibson Les Paul closer to its original condition. Not as part of an effort to increase the value of the guitar. I am a player, not a collector. I wanted to bring it up to date and keep a vintage look.

Back in the late 1970s I had changed the bridge, saddle and tuners to gold. I thought it looked cool. The headstock looked like this:

I did not do a great job securing the tuners. And I never really liked the gold look on the guitar.

I purchased a set of Tone Pros for the bridge, saddle and tuners from Marquis Distribution. They were really helpful and made sure that I had the right parts for the guitar — even going as far as to validate the correct model by reviewing several photos of my instrument.

Last night I spent several hours replacing all of the components and getting the guitar roughly set. Here is a shot of the new bridge and saddle.

And a shot of the headstock with the vintage tuners.

The guitar looks awesome!

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