Expedition Everest

Mount Everest. It is one of the highlights of Animal Kingdom. We arrived the day before the conference sessions and we had a chance to walk through the park. I took the above photo from a bridge that leads into the area of the Animal Kingdom known as Asia.

A machine took the following shot of Matthew:

He loves this ride. My shot of the Expedition Everest rollercoaster ride.

Lorraine waits in line for some much needed refreshments. There may well be an economic recession in the United States but you cannot tell from the crowds at the parks. Animal Kingdom was packed.

Matthew checks out the water pressure just outside the Rain Forest Cafe restaurant in the Animal Kingdom.

Lots of artistic shots available in the park. Sometimes the details are hidden. For example, this shot.

Changed into this shot right before my eyes.

The park offered lots of other interesting detail shots like the following. A great place to shot pictures.

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