Tap Tap

The pedalboard holds three delay pedals: a Strymon Timeline, a TC Electronics Nova Delay and a Strymon El Capistan.

Each delay pedal has a tap tempo. This is a switch that allows a player to set a tempo for the delay in real time. Delays sound much better when they are in time with the music. Unfortunately, I will often use two delays and I quickly run out of time to trying set the tap tempos independently. Drummers seem unable to count much past 4.

I went looking for a solution to provide a tap tempo using just one footswitch.

The folks at Road Rage Pro Gear can build a tap tempo pedal with multi-out capabilities just like the one pictured above. I have a three-way on order although only the two Strymon pedals accept an external tap tempo. The Nova Delay does not. Fortunately, there are several places on the web that will modify the pedal so that it will accept an external tap tempo: JHV3 and Younworks. I think the mod is easy enough that I might just do it on my own.

Road Rage also built my True Bypass Effects Loop which I really love on my pedalboard. Great company and highly recommended.

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