Fading Away

A friend, obviously concerned about my recent weight loss, sent me a link to the following article. This extract is probably relevant:

If an athlete or active individual continues to undereat for months or years, however, the consequences tend to be less desirable, regardless of the type of diet. Not only will they find it increasingly difficult to build and maintain all-important lean muscle, but recovery ability and performance will decline over time.

I am not on any diet right now. Haven’t been for a while. I have changed what I eat. I drink primarily water and green tea — I do hydrate with a sports drink when I am cycling but I have not consumed any other types of beverages for over six months now. For the most part I am only eating grains, fruits, vegetables and protein. Very rare for me to eat any junk food. I will sometimes snack on popcorn and I will load up on some energy bars. But really, my eating patterns are pretty basic and boring.

The reason why I continue to track calories and weight is to ensure that I am not under-eating or over-eating. Finding an appropriate balance did not work this outdoor riding season. Losing another twenty pounds or so happened very quickly and I wasn’t sure how to level out. Adding an extra meal a day seems to have stopped the decline for now. I have been roughly stable (plus or minus a couple of pounds).

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