Burn Baby Burn

I lost twenty pounds this cycling season. And it was not intentional. I am not on a diet. Yes, I am watching what I eat and opting for healthier food choices for the most part. I track my daily intake just to keep a record of food and exercise patterns.

Spouse, children, friends and co-workers are of the opinion that I am now too thin.

The combination of working with a trainer, increasing the cycling intensity and better eating habits created an interesting problem: I am not eating enough calories. Simple enough problem right? Just eat more.

I have a vacation day today and I started the morning with a high intensity 40-kilometre ride. I took in a large lunch and here is where things stand:

A deficit of 169 calories and a requirement to eat an additional 2,335 calories before the end of the day. I just cannot eat that much food. But I am actively working on a solution: the Krispy Kreme double cheeseburger. With bacon.

Two of these burgers would close the gap. And maybe one of these on standby:

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  1. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    There was a recent article in Men’s Health magazine about guys who would like to bulk-up but burn too many calories. It made recommendations on how to increase you caloric intake in a healthy way, and without feeling like you’ve always got tonnes of food to stuff in your before the end of the day. I believe it’s in this month’s issue. I would recommend it.



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