We had two ports of call on our cruise. One was at Nassau. We had arranged for a beach day at the Atlantis resort. Frankly, the cost of the excursion was way too high for the quality of the experience. We were part of a tour group of hundreds. We spent almost an hour getting into the resort property and the tour guide made us take a very long and slow walk down to the beach in scorching 40 degree Celsius heat. The excursion included a meal at the resort but with restrictions — basically a hamburger or a hot dog. I opted for a hamburger. It was not a good choice. The beach itself was nice but quite crowded and for some reason it did not seem all that safe.

We wound up spending only a few hours at Atlantis before making our way back to Nassau.

That said, it was a beautiful day and Matthew really enjoyed the beach. Here is a shot of father and son at the beach.

We also took a walk through Marina Village. Here is a shot of Lorraine and Matthew in the main shopping area.

Marina Village is a nice spot for smaller boats. Nothing too fancy mind you. Typically 70 footers or larger. Perhaps a few million dollars. Per boat.

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