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Made the upgrade to OS X Lion. Took about 30 minutes to download on a very fast Internet connection and roughly the same amount of time to load.

Chrome does not behave very well under the full-size app mode of OS X Lion.

OS X Lion gets the mouse to scroll the wrong way. I have spent hundreds of thousands of hours scrolling mice. There was nothing natural about it to me and I reset it back. Life suddenly became so much better.

Older apps under OS X Lion are history.

I guess you have to be really careful about downloading stuff on the Internet. And not just because you  might exceed your monthly bandwidth cap.

Counted well over a hundred of these MAC 250 Entour units at the recent Taylor Swift concert in Toronto. Over 300 grand on intelligent lighting alone (the show had lots of other lights as well).

I must admit that I had never thought to put my iPhone into the bottom of my acoustic guitar. Is that really what happens to the strings?

I had not heard much about Jerry Pournelle since Byte Magazine shut down in July of 1998. But he was and is still active and writing. This incident happened shortly after the death of Byte Magazine. In Death Valley no less.

The typical Tour de France rider eats a lot of food. And I would say that it is definitely much harder to ride than eat.

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