Terrific Tuesday

So many things to be happy about on Tuesday.

  • I had a chance to enjoy some tea with my wife downtown.
  • The drummer in our band brought his kit out to my studio. This means that we can finally start some tracking. And with my current hearing issues, I won’t need to worry about how loud he plays.
  • New tires for my car are in stock and ready to be installed on Thursday. Soon there will be an end to all of those Tire Pressure Monitoring System alerts. Soon there will be an end to stopping by the gas station to pump air into tires.
  • I was able to re-arrange and simplify the studio. Partly to make room for the second drumkit and partly to make it a nicer space for recording. It looks great. Very minimalist and functional. Just the way I like it.
  • I caught the last sprint on stage 10 of the Tour de France. Surprise, surprise. Andre Griepel beat Mark Cavendish. Griepel is nicknamed the Gorilla. He stands just a touch over 6 feet and weighs 179 pounds. He can also produce 1,800 watts of power on a sprint. Cavendish can only get about 1,300 watts. Mere mortals struggle to get 700 watts or so when sprinting. Those guys are fast. And strong.
  • Spent some time with my Tom Anderson Drop Top. That guitar has been a bit neglected as I have been spending most of my time with the Collings. But I still really like the Tom Anderson. Awesome guitar.
  • I’m happy that my son got me an invite on Google Plus last week. Yesterday, I decided that I quite like Google Plus. Even after the first week. My friends are not so active now but a lot of the folks I follow are giving it a good workout.
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