Amazing Monday

Monday proved to be an awesome day.

  • My new Soundcraft mixer arrived. At 7 in the morning no less. It was hard to break away from the machine to get out to work.
  • I drove in to work with my son. I really enjoy being able to spend some time with him.
  • I finally hit 2.25lbs per inch of body weight. Same as the average weight of the Tour de France riders. Now if only I could get their speed.
  • My personal trainer tried to break me. But he failed. I got through the workout, the toughest one this year, in one piece. At least until he left the house. Then I collapsed.
  • I was able to spend some time with my lovely wife. She makes my day. Every day. Even when I forget to tell her.
  • We are getting ready for our vacation in a few weeks and Lorraine and I spent some time taking about some of the shipboard activities. I am really excited about the upcoming trip and the opportunity to spend time with my wife and my youngest son.
  • And I was able to test the new mixer late last night. Although I still cannot hear very well with my right ear, I was able to hear well enough on the headphones. Almost normal.
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  1. Jakob Grimm
    Jakob Grimm says:

    Just curious what kind of mixer you picked up…I purchased a used Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 last year for my most recent project and can’t leave it alone if it’s sitting next to me!

    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      Hi Jakob,

      I’ve used quite a range of boards for live sound — Yamaha, Soundcraft, Allen and Heath, Midas, Digidesign and the Presonus. I really like mixing on a Midas. Especially the Heritage 3000. For digital, I really have enjoyed the Yamaha LS-9. Digi provides a lot of processing options on their live boards. Smaller boards, like the Presonus, are great when mixing smaller venues. I picked up a Soundcraft board for live sound not for recording.

      For recording, I am probably too much of a snob. I prefer the sound of Neve and API boards and generally use studios that run such boards. For overdubs at my home studio, I keep a rack of Neve/API pres.

      • Jakob Grimm
        Jakob Grimm says:

        I completely agree…the Presonus has it’s place; we’ve found it works well for our group — not to mention it fits much better within my budget! It does make passable live recordings as well.


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