The Perfect Week-end

The awesome week-end list:

  • Mike and Tara were up to the house this week-end with our granddaughter. I love being a granddad.
  • Saturday evening dinner on the deck with most of the family.
  • Sunday evening dinner with all of the family.
  • Rob and I presented our music package using split tracks and all the technology, tracks and sound system worked flawlessly.
  • Steve Stricker won the John Deere classic by a stroke. His first 3-peat.
  • Detailed Lorraine’s CRV — I love having enough spare time to do a bit of car detailing.
  • Watched Narnia on the home theatre. Most of it. Went to sleep early. Still a bit exhausted from fighting this ear infection.
  • Played guitar. A lot.
  • Shorts, sandals and t-shirts. Pretty much the whole week-end.
  • And watched a few episodes of Chuck with Lorraine.
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