Missed It By That Much

I first signed up for the newsletters back in January. The folks at Strymon were working on a new delay pedal. The Timeline. I watched. I waited. For over six months.

Last night, just before heading out to a meeting, I received a notice on my iPhone that the store would be opening at 7:05pm for ordering the new Timeline. My only problem? I was not able to get the order in. I tried but by the time I got to the site every unit had been sold.

How disappointing.

I wrote the folks at Strymon to let them know that this was a particularly annoying experience for a customer. To wait patiently for months on end only to miss the order window by an hour or so. And by then, too late.

Here was their reply:

On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 2:12 AM, Strymon Engineering wrote:

Hi Richard, thanks for the email. We’re very sorry you missed out, and sorry that you are disappointed.

We’re a tiny company (just 6 people) building pedals by hand here in the USA. This is by far the largest pedal build we’ve ever done. We did not expect this large of a build to sell through so quickly. We obviously want to sell a pedal to anyone that wants one, and we’ve done our very best to meet demand. We’ve been building TimeLine pedals non-stop for the last many weeks.

We have considered taking pre-orders and waiting lists, but have received considerable backlash from customers on those ideas. Manufacturing is unpredictable, and we’d rather not tie up anyone’s hard-earned cash before we have a pedal in hand to ship.

We are currently building more and hope to have them up for sale within the next couple weeks. I’d be happy to send you an early notification when the next batch of TimeLine pedals is available. Will that work for you?

Thank you for your support and patience.


Strymon Engineering

I understand their situation and I hope they continue to build awesome pedals. And I hope that I will get hold of a Timeline sometime this year.

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