Father’s Day

We went out for lunch to celebrate Father’s Day. There were a number of thoughtful gifts. A subscription to Premier Guitar magazine — the best guitar magazine in the market. A 16-inch by 20-inch canvas print for one of my photos. Tom Clancy’s latest novel. And a season of Chuck. I also had the afternoon to watch the U.S. Open. All in all, a wonderful day.

Being a father is one of the best roles in life. I took some time last night to look through the pictures of my children over the years. In a way, it is hard to look back. I think I took that period of life a bit too much for granted — almost as though time was frozen. I found myself really moved by the memories we had when we were all together as a family. Mom, Dad and the kids.

Fortunately, there is still time to cherish those moments and to build new memories. Perhaps that is why yesterday was a special time to celebrate Dads, to make those moments with family count.

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