Trash Talkers

The blog has been up and running since April of 2004. Lots of visitors drop by and I am always pleased to hear from readers of the blog. The comments are generally active. I have spam filters in place and I also moderate all comments.

The only guideline I apply against comments:

All comments are moderated. I enjoy a healthy debate but if a comment gets nasty or rude then it doesn”™t get posted. Sorry.

Do comments get rude? They sure do. And the spam filters generally do not catch them. Without exception, the trash comments are unsigned with fraudulent email addresses. I can generally get pretty close in terms of location based on the IP address but I often wonder what causes some anonymous punk to lash out at a blog. Particularly a personal blog.

Some of the comments over the years have been incredibly harsh. They are not caught by the spam filters so I have to read them before I trash them. And the words do hurt. I know they shouldn’t. But they do.

Comes with the territory.

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  1. Mike P
    Mike P says:

    We had a nasty comment last week on one of Tara’s posts at OHT. My blog in the past has always been pretty impersonal, so it was a first for me to see anything quite like that. Curiously, though, not at all anonymous— it was signed with Queens University email address, by an individual obviously willing to publicly stand by his opinions, including some pretty mean personal digs.

  2. Seth Godin (Lol)
    Seth Godin (Lol) says:

    Just curious.. I like to read your blog and it’s very informational. However, I was wondering if you ever get tired of living a very predictable life. I mean everything you do has a very high predictability factor and you know what you will do beforehand. Has it ever occurred to you that life should also have some unpredictability in it as well?

    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      Hi Seth. Thanks for dropping by the blog.

      You know what? You are right. I am tired of living a very predictable life with such a very high predictability factor. It is so annoying to know exactly what I will do beforehand. And it has never occurred to me that life should have some unpredictability in it as well. I guess I am simply unable to think outside my highly predictable thought patterns.

      I cannot thank you enough for your deep insight into my life. It inspires me to pursue randomness with abandon. But maybe I shouldn”™t plan on it ”” that might be predictable.


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