Wet and Gloomy

The weather system that has brought lots of rain and cloud to Kingston will hang around for the foreseeable future. Temperatures have been in the 10 – 12 C range with strong winds above 30 km/h. Seasonal highs for this time of year are typically around 20 C.

There have been only 80 hours of sunshine so far this month. Less than two-thirds of what is typical for the month of May.

Environment Canada describes the current situation as a stalled weather system. I can think of some different ways to describe the current situation.

It has been a difficult month for consistent outdoor riding on my bike. Getting a bad flu coupled with a bad ear infection did not help the start of the cycling season either.

Perhaps the sun and some warmth will return to Ontario this summer. I was not planning to continue spinning indoors until June. What a difference from last year.

There are some positives to all of this weather.

  1. I do not have to buy sunscreen.
  2. I do not have to buy shorts. Or a swim suit.
  3. I do not need to wash the car.
  4. I do not have to worry about changes in the weather.
  5. I do not have to worry about the well running dry.
  6. I do not need air conditioning.
  7. I do not have to close the blinds to watch the home theatre before sunset.
  8. I do not have to carry sunglasses.
  9. I do not need antiperspirant.
  10. I do not have to worry about wear and tear on my bike tires.

Always focus on the positive.

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