Cleaver Caster

This instrument has to be completed by Monday and so it was back to the woodshed for Matthew and me. We continue to add coats to the guitar neck however the main task today was to finish the guitar body.

There are several components to the body: pickguard, pickups, controls, strap posts, output jack. Matthew installed the two strap posts and then we both worked on the other parts. I elected to do the soldering work myself as that can be a bit challenging to a novice.

Here is the body with the masking tape in place for marking the pickguard drill holes.

Matthew secures the bridge.

Lots of drilling, wiring, soldering and we finally get to this point: a finished guitar body. Tomorrow we will finish and attach the guitar neck.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Looking really good – I bet you are excited to play your first chord Matthew! Today should be the day….can you say Chicken Pickin’?

    Now, a Tele player you should listen to is Vince Gill (while usually associated with Country music), he can play the heck out of a Tele….

    Question: Does this guitar have the strings through the body or fed through the bridge? Just asking…..


  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    p.s. Don’t forget to date the end of the neck! In 100 years from now, Matthew your grand kids may be playing this guitar! 🙂

  3. Rod
    Rod says:

    Hey Matthew – this is a fantastic project!!!! Make sure you record something and put it up on the your dad’s blog when you’re done! Will be really cool to hear.


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