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We are getting closer to the final build activities for the Cleaver Caster project. If you have been following the blog, you will know that my son has been working on a guitar for his school project. Matthew has done a terrific job on the project and we have had great support from a number of friends along the way to help him build, woodwork, and custom paint the instrument.

The next step is to finish the guitar neck. We will be using MinWax Wipe On Poly. Multiple coats. But before Matthew applies the finish, a logo must be created and set into the headstock.

We were able to source waterslide decal paper for inkjet printers. This will allow Matthew to create a custom logo and melt the printed decal into the wood of the headstock. The image will become part of the surface. It will add a nice finishing touch to what will become a terrific instrument.

This week-end will be the final stage of the project and I will post photos of the last phase and then I will take model shots of the guitar once it is complete.

The above logo is a test image. I found a Fender true type font on the web along with precision measurements for the logo dimensions. The script is not accurate to the original Fender logo but close enough. The color though is a lift from an actual Fender custom logo scanned and sampled in Photoshop. Matthew and I will work together on the final logo for the headstock. We might even put a special serial number on the back of the headstock.

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  1. Mike P
    Mike P says:

    Oooh, font nerd time! If you’re willing to diverge a little from the exact Fender face, Adobe has some really nice options which you can check out through the font finder. (Under “Script”, I think Spring Std might look really sharp…)

    I might have had too much fun looking at the fonts for our wedding stationery.


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