Safe For Another Nine Years

Our records indicate that your domain name is up for renewal on Saturday, June 04, 2011.

Okay. That should be easy enough to renew. I’ll go on to my hosting provider’s site and keep that domain going for a few more years.

Please ensure that the registrar has the correct email address on file.

Okay. Let me just check the whois for

Wrong email address.

When I had originally secured — a very popular domain name by the way — it was well over ten years ago. The last time I renewed for seven years. I was also running on sympatico and I had an email address that ended with I have not had a sympatico email address for over five years now.

I had to go and download a form off the web and use something called a fax machine to request a change of email address for the registered owner. I also needed to include a copy of my driver’s license on the fax.

To be candid, I thought it would take a lot of time to get this issue resolved. Faxing documents, registration changes, domain renewals. I was pleasantly surprised. The registrar processed the fax almost immediately and I was able to go online and renew for nine years within a couple of hours of sending the fax.

I hope I last that long.

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