One Bag

One Bag. I cannot travel that way. By virtue of carrying a camera and a computer, I can only get down to two bags. But I am definitely sold on travelling light.

I have learned a few things about the benefits of travelling light.

1. Travelling light aligns with my values around simplicity.

I prefer an environment that is free from clutter and well organized. When traveling, I used to abandon this principle and stuff the biggest piece of luggage I could find with everything that I might need when away from home. Several years ago, I began actively managing my packing lists to simplify travel.

2. Travelling light makes it easier to move around.

Less stuff to carry makes it easier to get around. Less weight. Less things to pack and unpack. Less things to worry about.

3. Travelling light is cheaper.

Airlines view luggage as a potential source of revenue. When Lorraine and I were in Ireland a few years back, we were charged for excess luggage weight. We paid more to fly the luggage than our own seats on the aircraft. We now weigh our bags and try to keep overall luggage weight below 40 pounds per passenger.

4. Travelling light requires a packing list.

I always build a packing list prior to any trip. It helps me to prepare for travel. And, after having developed dozens and dozens of packing lists, it is a trivial task. I never worry about forgetting something important and I always know what I really need to pack. If you are interested in how I approach packing, you can download a pdf from one of my upcoming trips here: Packing List

5. Travelling light is freedom from stuff.

I still look for ways to trim down the stuff I take on trips. Taking just what I need on a trip allows me to focus on enjoying my new surroundings. I am the one travelling, not my stuff.

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