The Cleaver Caster

Matthew and I spent the morning preparing the neck for the Cleaver Caster electric guitar. We were in great hands from a local expert who helped us through the process of drilling out the holes for the tuning machines and cutting out the headstock. I am really proud of Matthew. He did almost all of the work on his own.

Here is what the neck looked like on the operating table.

20110422 telecaster 011

I had sourced a full scale set of drawings for a Telecaster guitar and we used a diagram to trace the headstock as well as place the holes for the tuning machines.

20110422 telecaster 017

Matthew traced out the headstock and punched the centreline for the holes. He then used a drill press to make the holes using the centreline punches as his guide.

20110422 telecaster 066

From there it was time to cut the headstock. Andrew walked through the process with Matthew and then showed him how to make the cuts using some old wood.

20110422 telecaster 084

Now it was time to cut the headstock for real.

20110422 telecaster 101

With the headstock cut out in rough, Matthew moved over to the sanding station to fine-tune the cut.

20110422 telecaster 133

After an hour or so of sanding, the headstock was ready for the next stage of the project. More details to follow as we build this guitar over the next few weeks.

20110422 telecaster 168

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Excellent beginning of this journey! Already looks like the neck/headstock came from the Fender Custom Shop. Way to go Matthew!

    Keep us posted.


  2. Mike P
    Mike P says:

    That’s awesome to be getting some shop experience! If he ends up in engineering, he can show all the other first-years how to use the band saw and drill press. 🙂


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