Nice Ride

The weather is breaking in such a way that I am able to keep a consistent riding pattern outdoors. I did a 36km ride today. First longer ride of the season. I may try a 50km tomorrow if the weather cooperates. The indoor spinning in combination with a personal trainer made a huge difference this season. I feel great on the bike and I am pushing much longer gears — a fancy way of saying that I am moving much faster on the bike.

Below is a map of today’s ride. The Cyclemeter iPhone app gives a great split reading and it allows me to see how different legs of the ride worked out by every kilometre. Lorraine was also receiving email alerts on the ride today although for some reason they stopped providing location information at around 26 kilometres. I wonder if I lost cellphone coverage at that point. Total time on the bike was 1 hour and 27 minutes. I burned 1,438 calories. Although it is still cold enough that I did not notice much in the way of burning during the ride.


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