Here is a list of the compensation paid to the top 10 hedge fund managers in 2009.

  1. David Tepper, Appaloosa Management: $4 billion
  2. George Soros, Soros Fund Management: $3.3 billion
  3. James Simons, Renaissance Technologies: $2.5 billion
  4. John Paulson, Paulson & Co: $2.3 billion
  5. Steve Cohen, SAC Capital Advisors: $1.4 billion
  6. Carl Icahn, Icahn Capital: $1.3 billion
  7. Edward Lampert ESL Investments $1.3 billion
  8. Kenneth Griffin, Citadel Investment Group: $900 million
  9. John Arnold, Centaurus Advisors: $900 million
  10. Philip Falcone, Harbinger Capital Partners: $825 million

The basics on hedge funds can be found here. The total average compensation for Canada’s 100 highest paid CEOs was $7,300,884 in 2008””a stark contrast from the total average Canadian income of $42,305. Thomas Glocer of Thompson Reuters was the highest paid Canadian executive at $36 million.

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