Cades Cove

A few shots from our time at Cades Cove yesterday. One of the nice features of the park is that you get to see some wildlife. You can even get quite close and personal. I was within 10 feet of this deer.


There are many historic structures in the park and they point to a simpler time. This mill received its power from a hand-made diversion off a nearby stream.


Of course, other tools were required and also hand-made. I can relate to having a broken wheel. It has happened to my bike several times over the years.


Several of the cabins look new despite being over a hundred years old.


We also traveled to Sink Falls. I highlighted some shots from there yesterday. But I thought I would share two ways to shoot water. One with a long exposure to slow the water down. And the other with a fast exposure to freeze the water in motion.



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