Pedal Power

I have one of these:

And I have filled it with lots of pedals. 10 to be exact.

The board was powered with one of these:

So. 10 pedals. Only 8 outputs. Clearly some pedals were underpowered. So I bought a second Pedal Power.

But, I was missing one of these:

I had one set of mounting rails that came with the Pedaltrain board. I had to order a second set of mounting rails. And, because I know my oldest son might be reading this part carefully, yes, I had borrowed a set of rails from a different Pedaltrain board on a temporary basis. Those rails are now back where they belong.

The online order came from the United States in just a couple of days. I was able to mount and dress the second pedal power within about thirty minutes or so. All 10 pedals are now powered. Pedals seem to sound so much better when they have power.

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