The phone rang. It was late and I was in bed. Asleep. At least until my wife answered the phone.

I could tell by the tone of her voice that something was wrong. My son was calling from the car and he was in trouble.

I had been asleep for about two hours but I bolted out of the bed. I was able to speak with him on the phone and he was quite upset but as far as I could tell he was okay.

I put some clothes on, raced out to the car and made my way to his location.

As he had been driving home, a deer made impact with the car.

He is fine. A little shaken from the incident but okay. We are home now and it is a little after 1am. The police came to the scene and a tow truck came out to take the vehicle down to the yard. We’ll have to go to the collision reporting centre later this morning and make arrangements for the car to be repaired. The front driver side of the vehicle is badly damaged but it appears to be mostly body damage. Nothing structural that I could see.

The police and the towing company were very helpful. Everyone is a bit excited and stressed. We think the deer survived the incident which in and of itself is somewhat remarkable.

Our youngest son slept through the entire incident.

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