On The Road

Fair amount of travel for the first two weeks of the new year. In a way, I would prefer to get back into a consistent routine. With the break over Christmas and with time away from home, life feels a bit transitory right now.

A few odds and ends:

A friend lent me his DrumDial to help tune my drums. Works like a charm. The kit has never sounded so good.

I’ve officially switched from 3 mm picks to 2 mm picks. Still thick but I notice such a huge difference in tone for electric guitar over lighter weight picks.

I am moving in the opposite direction with guitar strings. The Collings is setup for 11s — I usually play 10s. 11s sound nice.

I have put my base building program together for indoor cycling. Hopefully, once I stop traveling, I can begin to work on that program.

My pedal board has too many pedals for the power supply. I’ll have to get another one.

I will be helping my son with his school project. We will be building a Telecaster. Red and not blue. I wonder who will get to keep it once it is done?

I had to replace my glasses. I had an unfortunate encounter with my iPad which scratched out one of the lenses. If only I had thought about getting an eye exam before the replacement. Things are definitely much “fuzzier” now. The last eye exam was over 2 years ago.

Might have to worry about a snow clearing machine for the house. With a 1,000 foot long driveway, I might need something like this.

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