New Year’s Resolution

It’s an odd thing, looking out on what will probably be my last year. On television news shows yesterday, reporters were asking people about their resolutions, their hopes and dreams, their expectations for 2011. If I’d been one of those men on the street (though I wasn’t feeling well enough to be on the street), my answer wouldn’t have been what the TV crews were expecting.

I have followed Derek’s blog for some time now. And although I find it sad beyond measure that this relatively young man is in the last few months of his life, his words inspire me to take stock of life.

I do not have much in the way of traditional New Year’s Resolutions. I love my family and I have a great network of friends. Finances are in great shape. I am healthy and probably in the best physical condition of my adult life. I do not drink or smoke. I am goal oriented and I have lots of objectives in play for 2011.

But one thing that Derek has taught me is to reflect on what is truly important in life and to make sure that I am spending my time accordingly.

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