Celebrate Christmas 2010

The Celebrate Christmas concert took place last night. We enjoyed a full house and a wonderful evening of Christmas music. Today, I am just exhausted. It was a lot of work pulling the production elements together. But I am so proud of the team. They did an awesome job both in rehearsals and on the big day itself. All of the production elements came together perfectly — music, lighting, sound, multimedia.

Here are a few shots from the event. My wife was using the big rig and I think she did pretty well behind the Nikon D3S camera.

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  1. Brian Di Croce
    Brian Di Croce says:

    Oh man you’re right about the quality of those images with the D3s. Did you push the ISO over 3200 for those ones? I guess I’ll have to teach a class at university to get one of these and avoid dealing with my minister of finance.

    Best wishes for this year Richard!



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