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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    mmmm, any news you wish to share (yet)?

    I am the proud grandfather of 2 – one 4 year old girl and one three year old boy from our first daughter….feels great, tiring and seeing the little “mini-me’s” running around constantly brings back memories of when their Mother was young…very satisfying.

    Did I mention tiring?

    Really don’t know how we managed 5, as those 2 staying for a short visit tires both Sue and I out….. 🙂

    Knowing you, Richard, you will slip into a Grandfather state easily.

    …imagine a “PC wizard, technical genious, music engineeer, guitar playing, cyclist, photographer, able-bodied athletic 4 year old” running around the Cleaver household….

    Now that’s the definition of being run ragged! ha ha!


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