Indoor Spinning

It has now reached that time of year where the orange tire gets back on the bike.

I had to pull a photo together of me on the machine for another publication — yes, I know, I am such a famous guy.

But you probably noticed that the rear tire is orange. Not a great colour and hardly in keeping with the overall theme of fire engine red. The orange tire gets swapped in over the winter months as I do my indoor training with a fluid trainer. And the fluid trainer can pretty much wear out an outdoor tire in very little time. The orange tire is specially hardened for use with an indoor fluid trainer.

The orange tire reminds me that spring is not that far away. Earlier this year, my first outdoor ride was at the end of March. March 2011 is only four months away.

Funny, it seems like so far away now.

47 of 50 shots at 50mm. Only 3 more to go.

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