I Get Mail

Lots of mail comes my way. Sometimes from places where I least expect it. Like this one from Israel:

Richard Shalom,

First of all – thank you, as a 7th generation French Canadian now ex-pat living in the Middle East, your photographs have offered me a quick way to sooth my ravaged soul and remember the peace and tranquility of a walk in the forest or a swim in an ice cold stream.  Once a week (or whenever you update Flickr) I’d grab one and make it my desktop.

Now I can’t.  I understand the need to protect your property – watermark it but please don’t stop us fans from enjoying your work all week long, not just for a moment here or there when we open the Flickr Updates!

Now I’m not exactly sure what happened to my Flickr account to prevent someone from viewing the photos and getting the different sized images for the desktop — I usually upload images to 2560 pixels wide. But I’ll find out.

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