Nikon D300 For Sale

Having recently upgraded my camera rig, my Nikon D300 is now up for sale. I’ve posted ads up on a few sites but certainly if you have an interest, please let me know. You can find my email address on the CONTACT page from the main menu of the blog. I am selling the mint condition rig and two DX lenses (12-24 F4 and the 18-200 VR) either standalone or as a package.

Update: The camera rig sold the same day thanks to the readers of this blog.

Numbers 43 and 44 of 50 shots at 50mm.

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  1. Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson says:

    Hey Richard,

    Just got it today, and I can’t thank you enough. The condition you have kept it in is phenomenal, and I plan to keep it that way. I can assure you this camera will be put to good use and will be looked after well.

    Thanks again, and congrats on the D3s. I look forward to seeing some new shots on your flickr.

    Adam Wilson


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