Heart and Courage

My youngest son took part at a cross country meet yesterday. Not willingly mind you, but he did take part. My sense was that he was apprehensive about the meet and concerned about whether he would be able to run the race.

He ran the course and as he rounded towards the finish line, he faded and it did not look like he would be able to complete the competition. But he drew something from within himself and with a unique display of support from his teammates and onlookers, he rallied and sprinted to the final end.

Last night, we received this note from his teacher:

Dear Mr and Mrs Cleaver,

I just wanted to put in writing to you how thoroughly proud we all were of Matthew at today’s cross country meet. He ran with tremendous heart and courage and drew the admiration not only of his teammates but of many, many others who were there to applaud him across the finishing line.

For me, the effort shown by students such as Matthew is what makes days like today worthwhile, and his completion of the race was a wonderful way to end what had been a long, but successful day.

Well done again to you Matthew – we’re all very proud of you and I hope you’re proud of yourself!

I am very proud of Matthew. We can always achieve more than we think possible if we bring our heart and courage to the forefront.

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