Here is a shot of my current pedal board. Fulltone Clyde wah, Ernie Ball volume, Xotic BB+ overdrive, Fulltone OCD overdrive, Boss CE-5 chorus, TC Electronics Nova Delay, Korg Pitchblack tuner and everything powered by a VooDoo Lab Pedal Power 2.

I have a couple of new pedals coming inbound. An 8-channel true bypass effects loop and a Paul Cochrane Audio Tim overdrive. The latter pedal is a bit difficult to get. I found one in Vancouver and it should arrive in a couple of days. Not sure if everything will fit on the pedaltrain so I may have to move back to my trailer trash board. We’ll see.

The image was shot pretty much in the dark. ISO 12,800 — yes, the photographers amongst you will realize that 12,800 is insanely high — f8 and 1/25th handheld. Shoot in the dark camera. And very little noise at 12,800. Remarkable.

Number 6 of 50 shot at 50mm.

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