A Tale Of Two Flights

Booking ahead. Four people. Return flight to and from Florida. Same driving distance to Toronto or Syracuse.

Drive to Toronto and fly Air Canada direct economy class to Florida and back: $6,444.40.

Drive to Syracuse and fly Jet Blue direct economy class to Florida and back: $1,265.82.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Hi, Richard, this delta is just too big to comprehend. We had a similar experience this past May.

    My wife and I drove to Buffalo having booked a return flight to Florida for a week away. The cost of the flights out of Buffalo for 2, return, including 5 days parking at a small spot adjacent to the airport, shuttle to/from the airport was under $600. Gas was nominal from Mississauga to Buffalo.

    Air Canada ”“ the flights alone leaving from Pearson were quoted at $1,200 each return. No thanks.


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