Slow Recovery

Either a slow recovery or perhaps a chronic condition. I am hoping it is the former and not the latter.

The onset of a different kind of back pain emerged late June, roughly eight weeks ago.

Having had a history of back pain, it is almost impossible for me to point to a specific cause. Too much sitting? Too much cycling? Too much lifting? Not enough core conditioning? I think it may have been a combination of bad posture at work and a bad fit on the bike. But I really do not know.

The trainer that I have been working with is without mercy. He pounds and batters this old frame of mine with all of these new exercises. I am getting increasingly uber-fit because he is an awesome trainer. But, is the training making a difference to the back?

For the most part I can sleep through the night without distraction. Mornings are still difficult. Overall I feel “stiff” in the mornings and my back in particular feels that way. That could be due to all the new exercises and stretching actions. The sciatic pain is, for the most part, gone although I do sense it lingering in the background when I move a certain way. Not the same stabbing pain that traveled down my right leg, mind you. Just lurking, underneath the surface, waiting to send a reminder that something, somewhere is not quite right. Of course, much of it is likely in my head.

The lower right part of the back is still “tender”. Certain movements will trigger pain but I can ride the bike, hard. I can do a challenging core conditioning exercise session with my trainer, hard. And I have no issues with back pain.

Where the back pain becomes very bothersome is in a car. 15 to 20 minutes and I begin to experience discomfort.

We have a lot of travel ahead of us next week. Hours in cars, hours in planes, hours in trains. I hope the back can withstand the demands of travel.

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hi Richard. I too have suffered chronic back problems and have been using a personal trainer for over 5 years. The increased core stability certainly helps but nothing helps as much as stretching – and not just any stretching. I strongly recommend the video found at:


    I hope all is well.


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